Short Sales: The Real Story

Real Estate, Tax, and Legal Answers


Is a Short-Sale right for you?

Learn what your options are.  Eliminate the guess work and arm yourself with real information from qualified professionals all together at the same time!

All under one roof!

Have you ever had a realtor tell you “I can’t advise you on tax or legal matters” and “I recommend that you consult with an Attorney and Tax accountant”? Who do you call?  …and even if you do consult with an attorney or accountant, how do you get them and your realtor all on the same page to do what is best for you? At Keith Jackson Realty we take it to the next level, instead of leaving you with unanswered questions. We put all the experts together with you at the same time.  No more runaround!

Finally a way out! Consultation will discuss:

  • Tax Liability – 1099, Insolvency, and Tax Preparation
  • Legal Liability – Deficiency Liability, Lawsuits from Short Sale/Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt
  • Credit Impact and Credit Repair
  • Short Sale Negotiation

There is a small one-time consultation fee which goes to the lawyer and CPA who provide their professional advice. Contact a member of the Keith Jackson Realty Team at 480-788-7608 or email and schedule a time for this important consultation.