Build your real estate portfolio today with professional experience you can count on from the Keith Jackson Realty Team.  There are multiple approaches we take which will produce you high returns from the Fix & Flip investor or strong cash flows for those buy and holders. Ask us about our unique “Lease Purchase” approach which produce a “Win-Win” situation for everyone and can reduce your liability and generate incredible returns. The Keith Jackson Realty Team understands what it takes to take buy an investment property at the Auction/Courthouse Steps, from a bank or negotiate a deal directly from a owner-occupant seller or short seller.

Below are just a few examples of properties we took from old and outdated to super sheek and produced high returns and/or strong cash flow for our investors:

Fix & Flip

This is just one example of many satisifed investor clients who have purchased and flipped their investment property with the Keith Jackson Realty Team.

* Acquired for $148,000 and Sold for $195,500 in less than four months from rehab to close. We had an accepted offer on this property in under 5 days!

Buy & Hold

Acquired property, remodeled, and turned home into a long term rental property with strong cash flow.



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