Why Use Lease Purchase/Lease Option to Buy or Sell Your Next Home? 

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Lease purchase options are a great way to increase ROI for real estate investors. However, many don’t understand all of the risk and rewards associated with purchase or selling a home using a lease purchase option. Let’s approach the selling side first. There are three types of sellers:

  • Sellers who are upside down – little you can do here
  • Sellers who have Breakeven equity
  • Sellers who have equity – Best option – Did you know that 30% of homes are owned free and clear in the USA? This trend is growing now that the real estate market is down.

There are many ways to negotiated a lease purchase option on a home, parcel of land or investment property. Visit “Lease-to-Buy May Be Good Option“ for a great article on Realtor.com discussing benefits for both Landlord/Seller and Tenant/Buyer sides.

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