Keith Jackson Realty brings local real estate knowledge, professionalism and integrity to each real estate transaction. Keith Jackson Realty provides buyer’s and seller’s the tools they need to succeed in this highly competitive Arizona real estate market.

Customer testimonials below:


“From the start, Keith was upfront and very helpful with all the requirements, costs, options that were associated with buying our first home.  He drove us around to 20+ houses letting us know of the positive and negative aspects of the different houses that we saw and walked through.  His website was very well structured and allowed us to compare and contrast even when Keith wasn’t with us in person.

Once we selected a house, he was very quick to understand what we would need to go through to buy a foreclosure and helped us through each step. He communicated very well with the listing agent and was very non-confrontational, yet persuasive in his negotiating.  We were able to get quite a few perks above what the listing agent was proposing due to the house’s lack of some of the basic necessary appliances and amenities.

He also helped us work with a specific down payment assistance program, which he had no previous knowledge of, yet learned about quickly, and helped us to acquire the house at the best deal with the lowest mortgage payment.  His recommendations and connections with local businesses have allowed us to improve our home even after our home was bought and paid for, so he is willing to work with anyone beyond just the purchase or sale of your home too!

Overall, our impression of Keith and Keith Jackson Realty was very good.  He helped us from the time we started looking at homes through the purchase of it as well as continuing to keep us posted with real estate developments, giving us good insight into the Phoenix valley’s real estate market.  I feel confident in his abilities and will definitely seek his help when we look to sell and buy future homes for our family.”

Shelby and Charles

It’s hard to believe a month has already gone by since we began to settle into our new rental home. We are enjoying such a beautiful home with all the bells and whistles imagined. It is exactly what our family needed and it’s thanks to the support of Keith Jackson. 

The most important thing of our experience was the professional service we acquired through Keith Jackson Realty. From start to finish we have been truly impressed with the 3 C’s (communication, courtesy and commitment) we received from Keith.

He shared all the specifics initially in our application process. He showed sincere respect for our situation and didn’t discriminate or prejudge our circumstance. Instead, he gave us options to assist in qualifying for the home. He also had a willingness beyond expectancy to see the contract thru to completion.

During the walk through, he made sure to point out and take pics of anything that could have potentially been a discrepancy later. He provided us with information and websites to help us understand our tenant rights. We have previously rented with other realty and management companies and we always had to research data on our own. So it was a convenience to have it readily provided to us. 

After the move in, there were a few normal wear and tear concerns that were addressed immediately. Keith’s availability and responsiveness was impeccable. He had such flexibility to ensure to accommodate our busy work schedules. 

As a result, we are living in a home that we only dreamed of to fit all our family needs. Hats off to Mr. Keith Jackson Realty for a job well done. We look forward to working with him in the future when purchase options become available.

“Thanks Keith Jackson Realty for helping us find the house we love. They are very helpful in finding houses which match our budget and needs and also negotiate with the seller. Thank you!”

Tyson and Courtney
“We were nervous and overwhelmed to move from out of state and relocate our family to Arizona, however Keith’s prompt responses to all of our worries and questions helped with a smooth move. He set us up with his helpful website where he narrowed down the search to our specific requirements for location, price range, lease terms, etc, and we were more than pleased when it only took one afternoon of looking at houses to find a rental that we were excited about. Keith’s genuine honesty helped us feel at ease and we never doubted that he genuinely had our best interest in mind. We love our rental house and are pleased with our whole experience dealing with Keith.”

Zach and Erica
“As first time buyers, we couldn’t have had a better experience working with Keith Jackson Realty. Keith was very patient with all of our questions and concerns, and the paperless contract system was so easy and convenient.”

“Thank you for everything you did to help us find our new home in Arizona! From start to finish, you were there with us every step of the way. We love our home and could not have found anyone else to help us in as many ways as you did! Thank You!”

“Working with Keith was like working with a member of your family. In one day we were shown our dream home. Keith was professional, very helpful and attentive during the whole “Home Buying” process. I would very strongly recommend him.”